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Healthy Eats in Tokyo

Healthy Eats hangouts in TokyoYou are what you eat. Although hawker food and enjoying hearty brunch meals together with family and friends still remain prevalent in many cultures in Tokyo & beyond, people are starting to be more conscious of what they consume pre and post workout for better performance and recovery. In addition to avoiding refined sugars, eating high protein, complex carbs meals, as well as lots of veggies, there has been a trending interest in keto diet, paleo, plantbased, pescatarian, low sodium, gluten-free and organic foods. Individuals care about locally grown and sustainable practices including regenerative techniques, pasture-raised, grassfed meats that are free from genetically modified substances and hormones. With the introduction of meat free Mondays and conversations surrounding the environment, there has also been a recent rise in veganism and vegetarians.

Some of the most popular Healthy Eats hangout spots in Tokyo are: Brown Rice by Neals' Yard Remedies, T's Tantan, CITRON Aoyama, Mique.

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