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Meet like-minded people over health and fitness.

Connect online and in real life.

Connect over the best gyms and healthy cafe hangouts near you.

In your city and while travelling.

Thrive in life.

Sweat. Eat Well. Connect mindfully.

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Browse SweatBuddy profiles and connect over your favourite workout and healthy cafe hangouts.
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Find your SweatBuddy

Connect with like-minded people who share similar interests and lifestyles as you.


Sustain your healthy lifestyle

Discover and enjoy the best gym & healthy hangouts near you - even while travelling.


Connect at your convenience

Simple, efficient connections from online to offline. We value a healthy relationship with phone & technology too.

Broc & Bells Healthy Connections

Why connecting over health & fitness is good for you

Nattylifts Broc & Bells Advocate

“Seriously though, having friends to workout with really helps with adhering to a training regimen. Even for a relatively active individual such as myself, it always helps to have friends working out alongside with you, especially if it is a gruelling workout.” - Nattylifts & Joshua Woo, Broc & Bells Ambassadors (Fitness Influencers, with day jobs in Banking & Law)

Markus Gnirck Broc & Bells Advocate

Markus is big on his team’s health as much as he is of his own, bringing people together over common goals like corporate sport challenges. “I want to see them healthy, I want them to be active.” - Markus Gnirck, Broc & Bells Advocate (FinTech Investor; Forbes Asia 30 under 30)

Gianni Melwani, Broc & Bells Ambassador

"Super cool concept if you live in a fast paced city like doesn't have the creepiness of Tinder and is redefining the traditional way of networking by encouraging you to work out together!" - Gianni Melwani, Broc & Bells Ambassador (Co-Founder of Hybrid Group, Yoga, Meditation Teacher)

Min Chen, Editor in Chief, Jumpstart Media

"For people who are looking for genuine connections and relationships...This is why Broc & Bells is unique – you're guaranteed to meet someone with a defining shared interest focused on self-improvement and care. Only someone who values discipline is going to wake up at 6 am to attend a spin class." - Min Chen, Editor in Chief, Jumpstart Media

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What our community says

Ethel Ong

"All in all, I think it was a great event to attend as a team, and I think many teams would be able to benefit from it as well." - Ethel Ong, Business Development Manager at Peatix, Singapore

Karina Curlewis

"A great gathering for various hard working individuals. I learned different perspectives and methods on forms of de-stressing that I would not have heard of at other socials." - Karina Curlewis, Show Director at Zouk, Singapore

John & Shermaine

"We had a great time at the event, everyone was very pleasant and warm. The workout was challenging...but also very satisfying to accomplish together with a partner. It is always nicer to suffer together rather than alone (:" - John & Shermaine, in a relationship, Singapore

Sweat, eat well and stay healthy - hit your goals & feel good together!