Meet like-minded health & fitness enthusiasts. Connect over your favorite gyms, healthy cafes, activities near you.

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Broccoli and Dumbbells is a mission-driven health & wellness platform with a goal of building a healthier world by changing the way people connect.

Find your fit

Meet like-minded people

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying motivated is tough. We make fitness fun, inspiring and social.

Whether you are looking to network, date or find a workout buddy - set your intention and goals in your profile.

Start connecting
Meet like minded people
Connect over healthy activities

Flexibility, on your own terms

Connect over a lifestyle you choose

Select gyms, healthy restaurants and activities near you. Enjoy new experiences and meet like-minded people in your city or while travelling.

Meet new people over your favorite activities

Save time

Online connections to offline

Go on a walking meeting. Hit your favorite HIIT class together. Connecting with new people over a fun, healthy activity helps kill two birds with one stone. You get in your social and healthy fix for the day, with the same 1 hour.

Get started meeting new people
Online to offline connections
Meet like minded people

Empower you, empower others

Community with a growth mindset

Connect over shared experiences and goals. Ask others for support, or give back by helping others with tips to eat plant-based, meal prep, marathon goals, start lifting or sustain their mindfulness practice.

Empower and be empowered

Here's the crucial bit

Never under estimate the power of connections. Having an accountability partner helps increase the success of goals by up to 95%.
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  Healthy Connections



Build connections

With accountability, support and motivation from like-minded people, you can reach your goals. You can connect with growth-minded people on technology driven platform.


Discover activities

Finding activities that suit you helps make your healthy lifestyle sustainable. You can explore activities, attend social events and experiences.


Grow yourself

It is only when you know and take care of yourself, when you can give to others. You can read bite-sized content that supports you on your journey.

Redefining the way we connect with ourselves and others

What our community says

Gianni Melwani, HK. Entrepreneur, Gen T. List 2018

It doesn't have the creepiness of Tinder and is redefining the way of networking by encouraging you to work out together. - Gianni Melwani, HK. Entrepreneur, Gen T. List 2018

Min Chen, HK. Editor in Chief, Jumpstart Media

For people who are looking for genuine connections and relationships... only someone who values discipline is going to wake up for a 6 am spin class. - Min Chen, HK. Editor in Chief, Jumpstart Media

Markus Gnirck, SG. Fintech Investor, tryb Group

Working out together is a very raw and genuine state to be in! I enjoy networking and bringing prospective investees for runs. Many great friendships have been formed when working out. - Markus Gnirck, SG. Fintech Investor, tryb Group