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Q: Who is for?

This is for you if you have a goal for growth and to be healthier, and are looking for like-minded people to support and hold you accountable on your journey wether the person is a new friend or your future life partner.

Whether you have a goal to lose weight, run a marathon, learn meditation, or better your time management, there are people who have been through similar journeys, or are working through the same challenges as you are right now. On Brocnbells you can #FINDYOURFIT to be #BETTERHUMANS together.

The #sweatbuddies on are health-conscious, and aspire to having conscious thoughts, actions and living consciously. They are mindful, inspiring individuals who possess a growth mindset, focused on reaching new heights and want to empower others along the way too.

Q: What is

Short for Broccoli & Dumbbells, is a social networking platform that connects you with like-minded people over a shared interest of health, fitness and growth - so you can support one another and achieve your goals.

Connect online and meet up offline over healthy activities near you. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone by getting both your social and healthy fix in. If you're experiencing Tinder/Bumble -fatique, Brocnbells is a better and more efficient way to meet new people be it for friends or for love.

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Q: Why we created

Read: Our founder’s note here.

Q: What is the mission of’s mission is to change the way we connect with ourselves and others.

We believe in the power of connections and this starts with empowering individuals to build self-awareness and connecting them with others through shared values, experiences and goals.

To create a healthier, connected world where people can lead fulfilled lives with a healthy mind & body, as it is only with health and balance that you can give back and change the world, sustainably.

Q: What is the vision of

For 100 million people to connect over sweat.

Imagine a time in the not so far away future where walking meetings become the norm. Where you meet up for a class at Barry’s Bootcamp before grabbing a juice and talking shop. Where you meet your date over healthy experiences like Standup Paddling or going for a climb. Where you can combine both your social life and healthy activities - things that you know you want more in your lifestyle. Because you like feeding off positive vibes from like-minded people, being productive with your time, and hitting goals together.

Having success with your work, health and life is no longer negotiable.

And with, our goal is to be your one-stop platform for everyday well-being. To have a healthy mind, body and optimise for your time and energy so you can achieve the things that matter to you in life.

This vision starts with 1 micro step: finding your SweatBuddy today.

Q: What does do exactly? Is it some sort of fitness community? Is it a dating app?

Whether it is the type of fitness activities, health goals or what you’d like to use for, we give you the flexibility to find your fit. As no two individuals are the same, and you evolve over time as well.

Brocnbells lies between the intersection, where healthy living meets mindful relationships... think Tinder for workout buddies and/or life partners mixed with Tripadvisor for best fitness spots that you can explore with others.

Brocnbells offers:

  1. Social networking platform that facilitates easy online to offline interactions meeting over healthy activitities at hangouts such as gyms, parks & healthy cafes
  2. Directory to discover best healthy spots in a city, and you can contribute your own favourite spots to improve Brocnbells over time
  3. Content where we distil the essentials for our community

Q: Is a dating app?

Our main intention is to bring like-minded people together over a shared interest for healthy living - whether that be friendships, dating or professional networking - to build supportive, meaningful relationships.

As we have spoken to our community and many agree with the need to be with someone who is fit-minded and who gets them. You can set your intentions and preferences for connections here, depending on what you are looking for so you can avoid daters if you are just looking for friendship.

Should love develop from a connection made on (and we’ve had success stories!), we would be more than happy to hear and share them.

Q: Can I use while travelling?

Yes! is designed for the well-travelled. Busy individuals who may be in Hong Kong today, jetting to Singapore for a 2-day work trip. And hustling to London, followed by New York for an investor roadshow. Simply click on the menu and change your city to discover healthy activities near you in the city you’re travelling to, as well as connect with like-minded people while you are there.

Do not see the city you’re travelling to? Simply drop us an email at [email protected] and share with us!

Q: “I’m not a #fitspo. Will I still fit in the platform/community?”

Of course! Many on our platform are NOT #fitspos. But, what we do share is the growth mindset to have a healthy mind and body.

Q: Is there anything on that directly addresses burnout?

“Seek out connections. The best antidote to seeking out rich interpersonal interactions and continual personal and professional development. Volunteering to advise others is another particularly effective way of breaking out of a negative cycle.” - Harvard Business Review

The quality of relationships affect the quality of your life. And that includes relationships with others, as well as the relationship you have with yourself. It is only when you know and take care of yourself, when you can give fully to others.

In addition to facilitating meaningful connections to support an individual’s stress / burnout, users are also able to read our content, and more importantly, filter for people who have been through ‘burnout’ to get tips from them and take practical action.

By cultivating a community who posses a growth mindset, many who have been in similar situations and are keen to give back to the community; this, in turn, also helps their well-being. Volunteering and acts of kindness helps with burnout.


Q: It’s tough to meet people outside of my existing networks. My friends do not like to workout. What if I get judged for meeting strangers?

People will always talk - whether it is at your workplace, with your friends, at home...Let’s face it. You can never ever please everyone. You will probably be judged in any way. You will always be weird to at least one other person.

So, is leading a healthy, fulfilled life the way you want more important to you?

Connecting over a healthy activity you love is also low pressure, and you can simply converse about your experiences during the activity.

Q: Guess the careful part of me wants to make sure there’s sparks before dating…

Honestly can never be sure if there are sparks until you meet up in person. The good part about meeting up over a healthy activity - something that is already a part of your lifestyle - is that even if you two do not click, you would still have gotten in your workout or healthy meal of the day.


Q: No one is accepting my SweatBuddy requests?

You come across a profile, and the only thing you see is 1 profile picture with 2 girls and 2 guys in it. Okay...who is Jamie, exactly? You get the point.

We know you are more than a couple of pictures and descriptions in real life. But just for the first online introduction, do your best to capture your real self with the profile (just like your no-bs resume).

Users who fill up their profiles come across as open, sincere, and more importantly, allows individuals to actually connect over like-minded goals or activities. So you don’t waste each other’s time.

Here are a couple of tips for a better profile:

  • PHOTOS: Select inspiring photos that highlight your interesting lifestyle and hobbies, and make sure you’re the center of attention in each one.
  • DESCRIPTION: Share your goals, what you need help with, what you can help with, what you are passionate about. Others want to know that they are connecting with someone genuine!
    FILL UP YOUR PROFILE: Fields like health goals, activity level, mindful interests are meant to help you better filter for similar interests

Q: “I didn’t meet anyone so far. We connected online, but the conversation died off after awhile.”

We’ve prepared a full guide for you on this: The Complete Guide to Finding Your Best Fitness Buddy

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Your data

Q: How do I delete my data?

You can go to your account settings and hit "Remove my account" to remove all your data from Brocnbells. The removal is irreversible and we will immediately remove all your data from our platform.

Q: How do you use my data?

We use your data only to facilitate running of our service. We will never sell your data to third parties.

Questions? Feedback? Ask away: [email protected]