7 Ideas For Your Active Recovery Day in Singapore - with your Workout Buddy

7 Ideas For Your Active Recovery Day in Singapore - with your Workout Buddy

Many of you train at least 3-6 or more times a week. If gym time is your alone time to destress and you prefer no distractions nor being social - we get it. If you dislike the idea of taking a complete rest day off exercise, consider turning your 'off' days into active recovery days, with a workout buddy.

Active recovery is where you workout at a lower intensity, rather than being completely sedentary.

Get outdoors, work out with someone else, try new activities together, and build up your aerobic fitness & strength through cross-training.

Having said that, if you need a break, listen to your body, sleep and get that full recovery in for a better, sustainable training routine 💪.

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Here are 7 ideas to do with your workout buddy on active recovery days in Singapore -

Active Recovery in Singapore Idea #1: Yoga

Improve your muscular flexibility and practice your breathing techniques by holding stretches for extended periods of time. Lengthen your shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and more. A perfect complement to your other athletic pursuits like lifting weights, cycling, running, swimming and team sports like rugby and football.

Relax over a cup of tea after class and share with your Yoga partner how the activity was for you.


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Active Recovery in Singapore Idea #2: Walk/Hike

In a warm and humid city like Singapore, we are almost always in air-conditioned places including A/C gyms. With the many walking trails maintained by National Parks Board (NParks), select from quick 30-min walks to longer 5-hour hikes. Discover the flora and fauna that is unique to this region of the world too.



Active Recovery in Singapore Idea #3: Run

If your body is used to training for a triathlon, yet running is still really your thing and helps put your mind at ease, go for a light jog around Marina Bay with your SweatBuddy. Be sure to be in the moment with your breathing, be mindful of your form, and be at ease.



Active Recovery in Singapore Idea #4: Outdoors Cycling

Cycling is a great recreational activity to do together and explore the many parks and trails - on two wheels! For the adventurous, there are even mountain bike parks to get in your adrenaline rush.



Active Recovery in Singapore Idea #5: Rock Climbing

Scale some walls? Climbing / bouldering is a great social activity for introverts - 1-on-1 or in a small group setting. Work your body, mind, belay one another and solve the boulder puzzles together during your rest time.


Active Recovery in Singapore Idea #6: Boutique Fitness Classes

Here's your chance to try something new and fresh from the variety of group fitness classes available in Singapore...something you would not have done alone.

When defining active recovery, context comes into play. For example, if you workout regularly, steady-state cardio or LISS (Low-Intensity Sustained State) may be the perfect fit for you. However, if you only work out once or twice a week, the activity may be a stretch for you. So listen to your body, and take your rest when needed. More importantly, have fun at the activities!



Active Recovery in Singapore Idea #7: Water Sports

Finally, moving away from land activities, swimming is a convenient, fuss-free recovery activity to relief muscle soreness. A good way to make pool time more social is to try out the aqua biking classes.


Hangout with like-minded people on your active recovery day

Know of any other active recovery ideas that we can add? Drop us a note at [email protected].