Encouraging face-to-face interactions - shaping a healthier and truly connected world that’s better for everyone.

A focus on mental, physical, emotional & social health and wellbeing.

At Broc & Bells, we conceptualize, manage and execute engaging experiences - from pop-ups, to brand activations and corporate events.

  • Event & experience consultancy, management and solutions
  • Content creation
  • Engagement of partners, venue
  • Messaging to highlight brand
  • Work with influencers / ambassadors
  • Social media marketing
  • On-the-ground logistics
  • Strategic alliances with like-minded brands & individuals

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Signature Experience / Event Formats


Team-Bonding & Networking over sweat. Hello endorphins!

Read what Broc & Bells Advocate Markus Gnirck has to say about SweatWorking (CEO, Investor in FinTech; Forbes Asia 30 under 30, Finance and Venture Capital).


Tinder Tired? Bumble Bummed? Calling all single SweatBuddies! Let's HIIT em' up ;)

Bringing the community, experience & excitement to boutique fitness studios and handpicked spots around Asia!

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“The economic burden of unwell workers in both medical expenses and lost productivity is enormous, possibly reaching 10-15% of global economic output." - Global Wellness Institute

Boost cognitive health, DESTRESS and explore the tools that contribute to better brain, mental health & longevity - together.

After all, it is only when your people thrive, that your business thrives!

Live the good life: Having the health & ability to engage in a meaningful and productive life with passion.


When was the last time you had a good, deep conversation IRL (without your phones)? Making time to unplug / having some me-time is now a higher priority than ever before.

This series focuses on being present. Share knowledge and learn from one another on topics such as work, career vs. wellbeing, sleep - from industry-wide activations, to Q&As and intimate chats among strangers.


Do you remember the last time you allowed yourself to play? Did being conscious of what other people might think of you keep you from indulging in your inner child?

Sweat & shed your self-imposed fears and get moving! Find relief from the everyday stressors. Play to free your inhibitions. Play to free your mind!

"And if you should survive to a hundred and five
Look at all you'll derive out of bein' alive
And here is the best part, you have a head start
If you are among the very young at heart"

-taken from Frank Sinatra's 'Young At Heart'

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