[EVENT] SOCIAL-LIT...into the New Year (Nov/Dec '17)

75 years of research reveals the secret to being happy & healthy: having solid relationships...(a Harvard study)

...love, at the workplace, at home and for healthier ageing.

SOCIAL-LIT (social-ize) with your co-workers, bosses, friends, and sweat buddies in Nov/Dec over healthy activities for the mind, body & soul.

Venue: 6A Shenton Way, Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815 (please refer to details for individual locations within the building)


Tue, 28th Nov, lunchtime at 12:15pm & 1:00pm (45-min sessions each): WAKE UP THAT BRAIN
Wed, 29th Nov, lunchtime at 12:15pm & 1:00pm (45-min sessions each): MIDDAY STRESS BUSTER
Thu, 30th Nov, 7:30pm: YIN AND YANG
Fri, 1 Dec, afterwork at 6:30pm: SWEATDATE

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(Tues 28th Nov: 45-min slots each - 12:15pm & 1:00pm start times)

with CEO Dr. Shawn Watson, PhD Neuroscience, Senescence Life Sciences
at Level 2 - OUE Re:Store, Downtown Gallery
Work for your brain health. Say NO to dementia.

Informational panel discussion with Q&A, breakout activities for your brain. Lunch provided.

Major lifestyle diseases have gotten us to sit up and think about our heart, lungs, liver, our risk of diabetes; but when was the last time you thought about the organ that controls it all, your BRAIN!

From memory, problem solving, movement, coordination, to automatic functions like breathing, heart rate, digestion and blood pressure - the brain is the boss of all that and more. But did you know it actually starts ageing in your 20s?!

Sitting at your desk all day sure doesn’t help, so join us and let’s explore the different ways we can take active steps to improve our cognitive health, so we can live our best life, together!

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(Wed 29th Nov: 45-min slots each - 12:15pm & 1:00pm start times)

with Holistic Health Coach Jolin Ma
at Level 2 - OUE Re:Store, Downtown Gallery
Breathwork, Mindfulness, Aromatherapy.

Learn essential oils self-massage and breathing techniques to relieve stress & be more productive. Lunch provided.

As if being sedentary wasn’t bad enough...you’re stressed out, staring at your screen, typing away furiously trying to meet deadlines and you actually forget to breathe! “

"Email Apnea”, as termed by Linda Stone - a former Apple executive, occurs when we hold our breath unconsciously when at the desk or at work.

Our mind and body require oxygen to function, yet most of us breathe in a way that leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Join us for a midday stress buster, learn & practice breathing techniques to have more energy, feel less anxiety, less fear, cultivate better relationships and just live a happier life!

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(Thu 30th Nov: dinner at 7:30pm start time)

with Letters of the Law
at The Providore #B1-07/17, Downtown Gallery
Dinner & Conversations. What else do you need?

Dinner included.

"Sleep is for the weak!" The pursuit of success is often associated with negligible hours of sleep, weight gain, and constant hustling, especially over copious amounts of drinks.

On the other end of this spectrum of stress & burnout, lies the luxury of wellbeing - healthy rituals, time for workouts, sleep.

Isn't being in optimal health critical to functioning efficiently and productively? And wouldn't neglecting your wellbeing be counterproductive to achieving success?

If you or your team identify with this, come join us for dinner over this important conversation.

After all, it is only when your people thrive, that your business thrives!

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(Fri 1st Dec: 6:30pm start time)

at Haus Athletics #02-03, Downtown Gallery
The best method of meeting like-minded individuals ;)

SweatBuddy experience & post-workout shakes included.

We've spoken to and surveyed many individuals before curating this. We hear you.

You'd like a partner who loves a good sweat and is equally conscious about living better. You've always admired this lady who can squat more than her own weight but are unsure how to approach her. And ladies, we know how you love ogling at people in gyms too.

So, what better to get to know someone than going through a new & fun workout together, and see one another in their sweatiest states? We call that 'the power of vulnerability' ;)

You know that catharsis you feel after smashing out a few moves (or burpees) to your favourite beats when you let your inhibitions go. Hello endorphins! You can do the same without the liquid buffet, and still feed off the energy of a like-minded community.

Join us at the haus - a dark room workout space (you've got to experience it for yourself).

So here's to stepping out of your comfort zones and celebrating social connections in a lighthearted manner. The team will be there to sweat it out with all of you too! xx

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