Introducing Broc & Bells Ambassador: Gianni Melwani, Hong Kong

Introducing Broc & Bells Ambassador: Gianni Melwani, Hong Kong

A thought leader and must-know in the HK Health & Wellness scene - Gianni Melwani. A Co-Founder of Hybrid Group alongside Charlz Ng and Gary Wan, better known for their iconic health & wellness festival - IRIS, and Spartan Race Hong Kong. A Generation T lister, with appearances on Hong Kong Tatler, Liv Magazine and more. A Yoga and meditation teacher. More importantly, the heart to share, engage, and an avid supporter of individuals & brands that can help impact the broader community.

What keeps you busy?

Things that I dedicate my time to include meditation, Yoga asana practice, movement training, football and swimming. I am also a foodie and enjoy eating well.

My days include meetings, working on certain business ventures and teaching a Yoga or meditation class every so often.

I do have a passion for traveling and painting as well.

That being said, keeping “busy” isn’t something I would coin as healthy. Being a certain way such that you find joy in whatever you are doing (even if it is not something you want to do) is.

What do you love about the health, fitness & wellness scene in HK?

People in Hong Kong have started to become very passionate about health and fitness, especially over the past 5 years. The Hong Kong people are also extremely dedicated when working on their craft. They have a high level of effort and practice when learning or developing their skill.

A massive influx of healthy food and drink options in recent years is also nice.

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What does social fitness mean to you?

A cheeky little catchphrase that implies trying fun, engaging activities within the health, wellness, fitness space without feeling isolated.

What is community to you?

True community has to be authentic. The reality is the word “community” is the latest trend that everyone wants to capitalise on, which involves surface level communications and connections.

If you have a group of people who are individually sound, who then work together and support one another without the expectation of the result or what they will receive in return - that is community.

How has meditation helped you in your daily & professional life?

Meditation offers a way to take a look at everything clearly. Without emotion, judgment, opinion, ego, desire, compulsiveness etc. It requires brutal honesty and self-enquiry.

As a result, pressure is offloaded, sense perception heightens, intellect is shaper, one is able to respond consciously without the effort of trying too hard to “do the right thing”, emotions are managed, higher energy levels etc. - but these effects happen after consistent, regular practice.

When practising meditation for the first few times, it can result in several unpleasant experiences as there is a lot of self-purification to be done. But the aftermath of doing so is freeing, because one ends up knowing who they are better than they previously had before.

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What do you want to share with the broader community - whether through Yoga / meditation or a message you’d like to spread?

1.Yoga is not exercise or fitness. Yoga and meditation are one.

There are various other mediums of movement and fitness that can enhance the human PHYSICAL body to an optimum and functional state. The Yoga asanas (postures) are specifically designed to address the subtle nature of existence, beyond the physical body.

2.Stop dwelling on the opinion of others (online and offline) nor rely too much on teachers/instructors to give you an experience.

Teachers are there for good reason, as a guide for you to utilise to your advantage. They can give you a taste of something unique or special that might resonate with you, but ultimately it is your experience and no one else’s.

How do you hope to positively impact fellow individuals to be healthier and stronger mentally, physically and emotionally?

Before I, or anyone starts preaching, it would have to be within one’s own experience first. Otherwise we would simply be reciting words from a book. The listener/reader too should be open and receptive without taking what they hear as law and enquire for themselves.

Speaking from my own experience, I believe having a clean, healthy diet plays an important role in a healthy, sharp and strong mind.

In terms of physicality, after trying various forms of fitness, the one that resonates with me most at the moment is movement based training (search "Ido Portal"). However I would like to try various forms of martial arts one day too as there are a lot of qualities I resonate with there. A good Yoga asana practice done with awareness will really enhance energy levels. Swimming is great for recovery from injury.

To understand and handle one’s emotions appropriately, meditation is key. That being said, meditation is key to all the above. Once the modifications of the mind are ceased, everything else is enhanced.

What is the biggest learning point that has impacted your life recently?

It takes effort to relax, while at the same time, surrender is also needed.

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When asked about

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