COMMUNITY: Inspiring SweatBuddies of

COMMUNITY: Inspiring SweatBuddies of

Here, we share stories of SweatBuddies supporting one another, their favorite workout and healthy cafe on to find out more!


sheranne alexander linnerth sunshine nation brocnbells singapore

CONNECTING with Sheranne - Yogi at Yoga Lab & Founder at The Locomotive Co.

1) Favorite type of workout

I actually don’t really consider yoga a workout but it is something I do everyday. I do also enjoy a good HIIT session!

2) Nutrition goal to be better

I definitely am trying to pay more attention to what I put in my body and am trying to work my way towards having a vegetarian diet!

3) Favorite Healthy Cafe hangout?

Common Man on Martin Road - Really great food and ambience!

4) Name of SweatBuddy and how he/she is supporting

Alexander Linnerth - I would say we are currently both supporting each other! He is trying to have a regular yoga practice so I host a private session with him once a week. We have also started going to F45 together!

5) How does a good workout / good meal / good conversation make you feel?


  • A good workout makes me feel like there is nothing I can’t accomplish.
  • A good meal makes me feel fulfilled.
  • A good conversation makes me feel nourished and inspired.

6) 1 communication tip?

Stay open!

7) Have you been on a SweatDate session i.e. working out on your first date or with your other half?

I have always worked out/do something active with the person I am with. I think it is a really great way to bond and create a stronger (no pun intended!) relationship!

8) 'Motto' regarding healthy living

It REALLY is all about balance. As Atticus once said "Some nights you drink tea, some nights you drink whiskey".

gianni melwani leah fitzgerald brocnbells

CONNECTING with Gianni Melwani - a Ambassador, and an inspiring changemaker in HK.

1) Favorite type of workout

  • Movement Training (Bodyweight/Calisthenics type stuff)
  • Football
  • Yoga (although I wouldn’t classify Yoga as fitness)

2) Workout goal to be better

  • Incorporate more power/explosiveness training in to my schedule

3) Favorite training ground?

  • Outdoor parks

Favorite Healthy Cafe hangout?

  • The Poke Co (@thepokecoasia)

4) Name of SweatBuddy and how he/she is supporting

  • Leah Fitzgerald. She is super active which inspires me to get up and move even when I’m feeling lazy.

5) How does a good workout / good meal / good conversation make you feel?

  • A good workout instills self-belief. It provides potential for personal growth.
  • A good meal makes me feel less grumpy haha
  • A good conversation is fascinatingly stimulating for the mind.

6) 1 communication tip?

  • Maintain eye contact

7) Values you hold dear when meeting someone new

  • Cultivate empathy
  • Listen with intensity, while remaining detached

8) 'Motto' regarding healthy living

Treat your body and mind like the shrine it is.

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