3 Must-Read Tips to Overcome Ghosting and Flaking

3 Must-Read Tips to Overcome Ghosting and Flaking

"Because if it’s not real, then what’s the point? We are all about real experiences, real connections, and real community — in real life."

Over Sunday brunch and conversations with your girlfriends...some guy is giving the 'hot and cold' treatment to Michelle (again). Or maybe, this happened to you. Why?!

How can you gain back some control of your time and enjoy real life social connections? How can you optimise for connections to meetups in less than 24 hours? How can BrocnBells.com fit in your time-strapped, busy lifestyle?

We speak to our tech guy Jussi K. on the envisioned user journey with BrocnBells.com. Designed for the driven and health-conscious individual. Optimised for your mindful use and digital minimalism.

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"Every request on BrocnBells.com is sent with an intention of meeting up in real life. Our goal is to get people offline (asap)... because even with all the technology advances, in-person meetups are still irreplaceable. No tech or algorithm can predict how the chemistry is between two people (at least for a couple more years :)). Relationships and real life community are a core human need. Ultimately, people want to connect over shared experiences, lifestyles and passions."

Read on for 3 reasons to use the platform to your success -

Find people that fit in your lifestyle

You commit to meeting someone over something that is not of interest to you or does not fit in your timetable. Closer to the date, you start regretting your decision. You still attend the session, albeit half-heartedly, or back out. Sounds familiar?

How can you avoid flaking or cancelling before the meetup?

From the get-go, we encourage you to only select ('like') gym and healthy cafe hangouts which you already frequent and prioritize. Or, select activities and places you want to try out. In that way, you are not going out of your way to meet your SweatBuddy.

As you forge connections through shared interests, this means minimal compromising; you are not just there to meet a new person. Even if you two do not connect, you would still have completed your healthy activity for the day.

Potential upside > downside.

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Make intentional choices

We all know how tiring it can be to meet new people. To meet irresponsible people, get hurt and having to put yourself out there all over again.

This is largely due to the mentality developed by many, due to the ease of connecting with others online (hint: addictive technologies, mindless swiping...). They seek validation, power and collect 'wins' for an ego boost.

How can you avoid ghosting?

"Treat people the way you want to be treated."

Let's start by showing some responsibility in our choices and respect to others. It can start with you and together, we can build an inspiring community of people - together.

With the standard version of BrocnBells.com, you can send 2 requests each day for new connections. This encourages you to be intentional with your choices.

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Cut through the BS

We've heard many individuals voice their concerns of sending requests. This is due to the stigma built by traditional online social / dating apps.

"What if I get rejected?" "Isn't it awkward to ask out a stranger?"

This may feel uncomfortable at first. But, by being direct and asking someone out over a shared interest, what's the worst that could happen? This encourages openness and helps move the online connection offline by reducing the back and forth messaging of “where should we go” too.

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  1. You are going to the hangout any way. Even if the person does not turn up, you will still have done that healthy activity. WIN.
  2. By meeting up over an activity, even if there is no chemistry, you still get in your workout. There may be other people around to socialise with too.
  3. When people ask the dreaded question "how did you meet?", you can always say you met at the gym ;).

Be yourself. Meetup with others that fit in your lifestyle.

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