5 Instant Reliefs for Muscle Soreness, Cramps & Neck Pain for the Desk-Bound

5 Instant Reliefs for Muscle Soreness, Cramps & Neck Pain for the Desk-Bound

Working a desk job means that some parts of your body are perpetually sore. Yes, that pain in your neck and back. For ladies who experience heinous cramps during that time of the month, tiding over the period can also be a herculean task.

This affects your mind and focus. What are some reliefs to explore then, so you still can be productive at work?

Besides investing in longer-term solutions like posture, ergonomics and movement / exercising to combat such “occupational hazards” sustainably, here are 5 ways to seek instant relief through acupressure. These can be done anytime, anywhere. So why not make it fun and grab your friend, partner or colleague for this.

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Relief 1: Heaven’s Pillar

Rest your hands on your partner’s shoulders. Using your thumbs, gently dig into the base of his / her neck. Manoeuvre your thumbs until you find the best spot, then hold still for 1-2 minutes. Remind your SweatBuddy to breathe deeply, and don’t be afraid to use more force if required.

This is effective for easing stiff neck muscles.

acupressure massage heavens pillar stiff neck

Relief 2: Shoulder Well

Lift your arms higher so that your palms are elevated, and your thumbs are pointing downwards. To better identify the trigger point, get your SweatBuddy to lift his / her arms; there will be a dent on his/ her shoulders just after the base of his / her neck, and right before his / her deltoids. Press into that spot. Your SweatBuddy should be able to feel more of an acute pressure in that area rather than a numb nudge.

This undoes knots in the shoulders.

acupressure shoulder well knots in shoulders

Relief 3: Sea of Vitality

These four points are situated two and four fingers away from the spine at waist level. Place your hands on your partner’s waist, and use your thumbs to press into the same spot on each side of his / her back before moving on to the other two spots.

This move is ideal for relieving tension in the lower back.

sea of vitality lower back relief

Relief 4: The Gate of Origin

Located about four fingers under your navel, this is where you apply pressure and heat. Align the spot with your middle finger, then press into the skin, along with your second and ring fingers.

This helps soothe period cramps and bloating.

Relief 5: Three Mile Foot

As its name implies, pressure is applied on this point for a final boost of stamina and qi. Bend your leg 90 degrees; feel for a depression about four fingers underneath your kneecap, and one finger off to the outside of your shinbone. Press as hard as you can with your knuckle for a minute whilst sitting down on the floor, with your legs partially extended and your body slightly forward.

This can be used for overall vitality, especially the immune system. In addition to toning muscles, this aids digestion as well as relieves fatigue.

three mile foot massage

Acupressure isn’t rocket science – you don’t need to be a qualified therapist / professional to execute these moves. However, please refrain from doing this on your own if you’re pregnant or have had previous injuries / medical issues.

Regardless, it can be fun to find that sweet spot through trial-and-error. Communication with your SweatBuddy is key! And it will do you good in no time; there’s nothing quite like the sensation of being massaged.

Article contributed by Zhong Tianyu of pslove - natural pain relief heat patches and a period tracking app. Besides writing for pslove and helping it grow, Tianyu is a fanatic of spin classes. Of course, a will to move comes with a will to feast, and an ambitious eater she sure is – her stomach's half the size of her soul.