[EVENT] SWEAT X SOCIAL: Where Sweat Meets Social

[EVENT] SWEAT X SOCIAL: Where Sweat Meets Social

Be part of the action. SweatWork, SweatDate and join us for a lively discussion at SweatBuddy Conversations. Spend your Saturday with us, and share in the joy that social connections can bring!

Singapore, 27th January 2018 (Saturday)

VENUE: Canvas Singapore

20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk #B1-01

NOTE: All participants must present their Broc & Bells profile at registration tomorrow. If you haven't, kindly sign up here with a valid Facebook / LinkedIn account - no registration fees.

Signature Experiences:

9:30 AM - Registration
10:00 AM - SweatWork led by Broc & Bells Ambassadors Natalie Y. (@nattylifts) & Joshua W. (@tidusjwoo)

11:15 AM - SweatDate led by Broc & Bells SweatExperts Jerry F. (@instagramafong) & Wany M. (@oneknee)
12:30 PM - SweatBuddy Conversations: Brunch - Shake Salad; Acai bowls by Randy Indulgence

Kindly wear appropriate shoes and bring along a small towel if preferred.


Connecting with like-minded individuals over sweat. Networking minus the hangovers (Bye!) ;) Hello endorphins.

Read: Working Out is Wall Street's New Steak Dinners

The SweatBuddy workout is designed to foster social connections and work up a good sweat, at the same time! A partner workout that incorporates effective, mostly bodyweight movements to work your full body and core - all with a SweatBuddy. Think HIIT with buddies.


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The things you (probably) value in a relationship: authenticity, drive, discipline, independence, confidence, passion, thoughtful.

You'd like a partner who loves a good sweat and is equally conscious about living better. After all, you can't be talking about "squats, kale & meditation", when he/she has no idea what you're speaking about, eh?

So, what better way to get to know someone than going through a new & fun workout together, and see one another in their sweatiest states? We call that 'the power of vulnerability'.

The SweatBuddy Shuffle workout is designed to facilitate 'speed dating' via fitness ;) Think buddy exercises to good beats! No swiping. Build real connections in person #IRL.

For this edition, we maintain a club-like atmosphere. Come hangout for a meaningful conversation around your passions with your newly found SweatBuddies + brunch after.

You are DRIVEN by experiences and greatness - relishing in the face of challenges and bravely stepping out of comfort zones, never settling for mediocre. So what's stopping you? :)


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When was the last time you had a good, deep conversation IRL (without your phones)? Making time to unplug is now a higher priority than ever before. More importantly, create meaningful connections with like-minded people.

This series focuses on PASSION - hear & learn why others do what they do; and share with the rest what really gets you going too!

Moderated by Broc & Bells Scout Joanne West.

Brunch goodies by Shake Salad; Acai bowls by Randy Indulgence.


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